Gisele Bundchen Makes Sandy Sexy On The Cover Of Vogue Paris


Gisele Bundchen appears on the cover of Vogue Paris

We had two thoughts when we first saw Gisele Bundchen’s fantastic cover for the June/July issue of Vogue Paris: 1) Damn, we really need to get in shape for summer, and 2) whatever happened to the Coppertone Girl? Of course that was once our minds regained the power of words after processing Mrs. Tom Brady’s fantastic-yet-sandy backside. Imagine the effort that went into that sand placement. There’s no way Vogue would leave that to chance. They probably added each grain piece of piece until they had it exactly to their specifications. It’s like the sexiest mosaic that the world has ever known. The fact that we didn’t even realize she was topless really speaks to the mystical power of Gisele’s booty. We love how she stares down the camera with a look that definitely says, “Yes, I’m covered in sand, but my bottom mustn’t be disturbed.” Who knows what other pix can be found under the cover? We’ll have to wait a few more weeks until the mag hits the streets to find out!

[Photo: Vogue Paris]

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