Josh Hutcherson’s Broken Nose: We’re Going To Blame It On Catching Fire Auditioners


Josh Hutcherson in Hunger Games and recovering from a broken nose

When Josh Hutcherson was snapped leaving a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon’s office yesterday afternoon, with a bandaged, swollen nose, we knew that he wasn’t getting that adorable mug tweaked for vanity reasons. He’d tweeted about breaking his nose last Wednesday. But because he hasn’t yet revealed how he broke it, fans and bloggers, like our pals at Crushable, have been forced to come up with some wild theories. This morning, we came up with our own, based on news via The Hunger Games Examiner that audition info has been posted for Catching Fire.

Our wild theory? There are some over-eager Finnick and Johanna wannabes out there, ambushing Hunger Games fans in hopes of gaining the attention of director Frances Lawrence for the sequel. No? We are crazy and trying to link everything in Hutcherson’s life to Peeta? You got us there.

Aaaanyway. On the, a notice lists the tributes that will be cast in L.A., noting that extras and stand-ins will be hired in North Carolina, where shooting will begin this summer (so the site says, but Lionsgate’s most recent press release said fall).

Here are the descriptions:
• Johanna Mason, female, sarcastic and often cruel victor from District 7.
• Beetee and Wiress, an older couple, dark hair, pale skin from District 3, very smart.
• Finnick Odair, male, mid-20s, very handsome, tall, tan skin, bronze hair, green eyes.
• Blight, male, mid-20s, mentor and tribute District 7. Won a previous Hunger Games.
• Romulus Thread, male, mid 30s – 40s, new Head Peacekeeper of District 12.
• Twill, female, mid-30s, teacher, escapes to District 12 where she meets Katniss.
• Bonnie, female, 17, crooked teeth, chocolate brown eyes, escapes to District 12 with Twill.
• Wiress, female, 40ish, tribute from District 3, dark hair, pale skin.
• Bristel, female, 17-19, miner in District 12.
• Leevy, female, 17ish, dark hair, gray eyes, Katniss’ neighbor from District 12.
• Cashmere, female, late 20s, classic beauty, long blond curls, arrogant District 1 tribute.
• Gloss, male, mid-20s, Cashmere’s brother. Mentor, victor, career tribute.

Note, this is totally unofficial, unconfirmed info, but it is a great reminder of all the great characters we’ll get to see … next November.

[Photos: Lionsgate, Splash News Online]

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