Kim Kardashian Channels A More High-Fashion Version Of Mom, Kris Jenner, For Italian Vogue


Kim Kardashian in a wig for Vogue Italia

The photograph on the left is Kim Kardashian, if you can believe it. We had to look twice just to make sure it was her. Kim wore the short, choppy wig for a shoot for L’Uomo Vogue. It’s not hard to figure out what the editorial is about considering the photograph at hand. Lights! Paparazzi! Sexy heiress who wears short trench coats with nothing underneath! Kim tweeted the picture yesterday along with a message reading, “Amazing shoot today for Vogue Italia! Thank you Rushka_Bergman & akafrancesco for your creative genius!!!”

Bergman happens to be the contributing fashion editor for L’Uomo Vogue, Vogue Italia and as her twitter biography reveals, she was also Michael Jackson‘s personal stylist. She also, very sweetly, but pointedly, corrected Kim’s mistake in her response tweet, which stated, “Thank you darling Kim for all your support of the L’Uomo Vogue photo shoot and for an incredible beautiful day. Big love !!! Got that, Kim? L’Uomo Vogue, not Vogue Italia. Get your magazines straight! On another note, though, we wonder whether their stylists took pointers from Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner for this shoot? Kim’s hair certainly looks like hers, and so do the sunglasses. And Kris’s necklines definitely do wander towards the deep south plenty of times. Think we’ve caught onto something here?

[Photos via Twitter/ Splash News Online]

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