Josh Hutcherson Explains The Mystery Of His “Broken” Nose


Josh Hutcherson explains why he had surgery on his nose

Hate to admit, but we’re kind of with TMZ on this one: It is just a wee bit disappointing to learn that Josh Hutcherson didn’t break his nose in a dramatic Hunger Games arena re-enactment, in a street fight to protect a damsel in distress, or in some kind of rough sport accident.

“It’s a deviated septum. I was born like that. I was 90 percent blocked in my right nostril and stuff,” he told the gossip site’s cameraman while walking in Beverly Hills yesterday. “I just gotta get it healed up and everything.”

This kind of contradicts what he tweeted last week about recovering from a broken nose, doesn’t it? Or, maybe he just meant that they had to break his nose to fix it? Well, we hope that while the surgeon was helping Josh breathe, he didn’t do anything to “perfect” his schnoz. That tiny bump gives him character!

Josh Hutcherson as Peeta in the Hunger Games

But if breathing better improves his kissing skills for Catching Fire, we’re definitely glad he went under the knife.

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