Kristen Stewart Cops to Reading Reviews And Comments About Herself Because She’s A “Weirdo”


Kristen Stewart Reads Online Comments And Reviews

In case you were ever wondering if celebrities are constantly weeping and/or secretly falling in love with you based on the comments you leave online, the answer is an enthusiastic yes. Provided that celebrity is Kristen Stewart, that is. In her HelloGiggles interview today, the Snow White and The Huntsman actress admitted to reading “comments and reviews” about her films and actual life. “Yeah, totally,” Kristen says. “I don’t take it to heart because I remember experiences in my head a certain way and I value them so much, and I would never do them differently.” Sure! Plus you want to hear everyone gush over how gorgeous you look on every red carpet. Don’t try to deny it; we would do the same thing, woman!

KStew’s admission is kind of interesting, considering how private she tends to be about things like, you know, her lovers. Says Kristen about her penchant for reading other people’s opinions of her, “Massive response is always weird. Usually things don’t matter, usually when you talk to people during interviews, things fill up in my head and I get nervous. But I am the type of person who needs to know exactly what is going on in their life ‘cos I’m a weirdo… and I need to know everything.” What? You, a weirdo? Kristen, you don’t know what the word “weirdo” means until you see all the people who are about to propose to you in the comments. Including us! What’s the emoticon for crying with happiness?

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