TBS Developing Norm MacDonald Talk Show That Better Not Get Instantly Canceled


Norm MacDonald Talk Show TBS

TBS held their network upfronts this week, and if you don’t know the term “upfronts,” that’s when the network unveils its potential new shows for a roomful of advertisers then the William Morris Agency sends over 400 prostitutes to the Yum Brands hotel suite and everyone’s like “I love this town!” and they go down on champagne bottles and that’s how art is made.

Anyway, one of TBS’s new projects caught our attention, because we’re huge Norm MacDonald fans and constantly want him to be doing more things (even if tv apparently does not want him to be doing more things):

“Norm MacDonald is Trending”

The network has ordered a pilot presentation for a talk show centered on MacDonald. SNL’s former “Weekend Update” anchor and his team of correspondents will sort through the churning mass of pop culture and social media. (THR)

So basically, it’d be a very general talk show on basic cable allowing MacDonald free reign to talk about all sorts of topics? That sounds great, but should we just skip the “Pick up this show, TBS!” phase and go straight to the “Don’t cancel this show, TBS!” phase four weeks after the show’s inception? Seems like a sadly practical approach.

In the meantime, let’s all watch the Norm MacDonald 1998 ESPYs monologue then stream “Me Doing Standup” on Netflix and hopefully miss the impending announcement that the show hasn’t been greenlit.

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