John Travolta’s Lawyer Denies Paying Off Accusers After John Doe #2 Asks That Case Be Dismissed


John Travolta's Lawyer Denies Paying Off Accusers

We hadn’t hear any untoward accusations about why John Travolta‘s second accuser dropped his case today. Looks like his lawyer is just hoping to beat everyone to the punch! “Not one penny has been paid nor do we have any intention to pay any money for these ridiculous and false claims,” Travolta’s lawyer Marty Singer told TMZ, after the unnamed masseur asked that his charges against the actor be dismissed. Well, thanks for pointing out what definitely didn’t happen, sir! If you have any ideas about what actually did happen, or why this insane parade of cringe-worthy accusations seems to be without end, please let us know!

Besides, it’s not as if either of Travolta’s alleged victims are giving up on their claims entirely, a move which might have suggested some shady under-the-massage-table dealings. Two days after the actor’s first accuser dropped his case and hired attorney Gloria Allred, the second has done exactly the same thing. “I’m looking forward to trying the case against Gloria Allred in a court of law, not in the media,” Singer said of the unnamed man’s decision.

Meanwhile there are at least two other accusers floating around, as well as an extremely questionable story out of the National Enquirer from a massage therapist alleging that he had a sexual encounter with Travolta in 1997. “We got into the bed that was right next to the massage table and had a really good time,” Luis Gozalez claimed to the magazine. Wow, hard to head off out-of-the-blue accusations like that! There has to be some evidence that Travolta didn’t spend the last 25 years exclusively getting massaged, right? Marty? Anyone? Hello?

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