New High Tech Scooters Awesome For People Who Have Absolutely No Need For Them


Guys, can we be real here? This new personal mobility device from Honda is just a fancy motorized stool. You know what no old or disabled person wants to perch on all day? A goddamn stool. 30 seconds on a bar stool and my spine becomes a question mark. Stools aren’t even comfortable when they aren’t zooming through an office building; why would we make anyone sit on one forever?

Maybe in the future when our legs become cyborg legs we can just plug into an already existing vehicle, then okay. I’m on board. Until then, this moto-stool seems like it requires a completely able-bodied person to use it. And if that’s the caseā€¦just use your stupid meat legs already! It’s not that hard to get around the aquarium!

(via VVV)

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