Exclusive: Charlize Theron Wants To Reprise Her Role As Rita Leeds In Arrested Development Movie


Here’s something cool I’ve learned about Charlize Theron: She’s really funny. She was hilarious through out our interview at the Snow White and the Huntsman junket in England last weekend, and she spent the entire press day cracking jokes and doing bits with everyone. I’ve always wondered why she doesn’t do more comedy, especially because her story arc as MRF Rita Leeds on Arrested Development (one of the greatest shows of all time, IMHO), is so.damn.funny. If you haven’t seen it please stop reading this blog post immediately, run to Netflix, and thank me when you’re done.

After years of will they or won’t they, it was recently confirmed that an Arrested Development movie is in the works, for reals, after a brief run on TV. And so of course I had to dork out and ask Charlize if she’d consider reprising her role as Rita on the big screen. Good news, AD fans! The actress calls her time on the show “one of my favorite experiences I’ve ever had” and says she’d love to be a part of the film. Also she describes herself as “a nerd,” which gave me a serious case of heart explosions. Clip above.

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