Out Magazine Tells You “Why You Should Be Crushing On Channing Tatum”


Channing Tatum for Out Magazine

We’ve been saying over and over again, that this is Channing Tatum‘s year. Yesterday, we posted his cheeky EW cover with his Magic Mike crew, which had us pretty much fanning ourselves. But that’s just the beginning for Tatum. With Magic Mike out next month, everyone wants a slice of the star. The searing photograph you see above is the cover of Out magazine’s June-July issue. The long interview about him is titled, “From Stripper to Superstar,” so you know exactly what it’s going to be about, right?

Not quite, because the article opens with a series of quotes that really got our attention. Stuff like, “With Joe Manganiello naked in a movie, I think even straight guys are going to be, ‘Shit, I need to see that. That man is a specimen.'”  Or, “Elton John had his hand up my ass the other night.” That probably went down when Elton and Channing got some sexy time onstage dancing at the Revlon Concert for the Rainforest in New York last month. When writer Aaron Hicklin asked what that was like, Channing’s response was, “Like any other hand up my ass, but more knightly. I can check that box now. It falls under the umbrella of doing sexual sh– with Elton John in public. I’m sure I’m not the first.” See what we mean? Add to that his hilarious “texture” issues with fruits and vegetables — “F— eggplant — it’s too spongy. I hate spongy stuff.” — and you’ve got yourself a nice little afternoon read.

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Channing Tatum And Elton John Grind It Out For The Rainforest 

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