Gotye Only Exists So We Can Watch Videos Of Babies Dancing To Gotye


Baby Dancing To GotyeThe internet seems to be aflush with “kid-ized” Gotye videos these days (if ‘aflush’ isn’t a word, then pretend I said ‘fullerino’), where parents keep filming their kids singing or dancing to “Somebody That I Used To Know” in the hopes of sharing their hilariously spontaneous love of synthy breakup songs for the internet’s welcoming amusement.

It’s basically at the point now where I’m preeetty sure Gotye only ever existed to give kids an opportunity to be filmed dancing to Gotye, marking the most forward-thinking viral-marketing moment in music history (or at least, ever since Rick Astley foresaw the internet existing eventually and recording that hilarious psyche-out in the late 80s and being like, “You’ll understand this in 20 years…”)

My point is, let’s all watch this adorable and great video of a baby dancing to Gotye:

Check out two more videos proving the above thesis over at Strollerderby.

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