Did Drama Magnet Chris Brown Get Kicked Out Of A Club For Trying To Start A Fight?


If it wasn’t mostly bad news, we’d think Chris Brown‘s P.R. people were a team of total geniuses. After getting blasted by Pink, Joe Jonas and model Chrissy Teigen for allegedly lip-syncing at the Billboard Music Awards Sunday, the “Tune The Music Up” singer is currently fielding rumors that he almost started a brawl at Las Vegas club Haze at Aria this weekend. According to the New York Post, Chris allegedly started to get it twisted after buying a group of ladies champagne, only to have them focus their attention on a different table of men. “Brown approached the guys in the group [at the next table] and started getting visibly agitated,” the paper’s source says, claiming that the singer swore and asked them “Are these girls with you or with me?” Oh man, if that turns out to be the hook in his next song, we swear…

After exchanging words, Brown was escorted out of the club, and while we wouldn’t put it past the guy to flip out and start ridiculous beef with a stranger (yelling homophobic slurs, anyone? Good Morning America meltdown, perhaps?), millions of people get peeved without it turning into a full-blown street flight. On the other hand, while Brown’s people said the allegations were “not true,” a representative from the nightclub says the singer was involved in an incident of some sort, adding “Haze has a zero tolerance policy for violence.” Maybe next time the team can switch it up and have Chris get caught planting trees or mentoring kids or something? That would get him kicked out of the club for sure. Almost every place has a strict 18-and-over policy…

[Photo: Getty Images]

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