Johnny Depp Made Official Native American; Can Official Piratehood Be Far Behind?


Johnny Depp Adopted As Comanche Indian

Johnny Depp is officially a Native American, everyone! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Lone Ranger actor has been officially adopted into the Comanche Indian tribe, the American Indian group of which the movie’s fictional Tonto was a member. As a result, we look forward to Johnny being adopted by the Brotherhood of Vampires With Fabulous Bangs, the Bizarre Pirates Guild, the Alliance For Creepy Bob-Wearing Confectioners, and Scissorhands United, LLC. Did we miss any characters he could be officially declared?

We’re only half-kidding. Depp has claimed Cherokee and/or Creek Indian heritage in the past, and has made it clear that his take on the famous Native American sidekick will be much more than a supporting role.  “I reached out, and Johnny was very receptive to the idea,” President of Americans for Indian Opportunity LaDonna Harris said of Depp’s ceremonial induction. “He seemed proud to receive the invitation, and we were honored that he so enthusiastically agreed.” So do you think the Comanche tribe maybe hadn’t see the bird hat and Manson make-up Johnny is rocking in the film’s first promo pic there? Unless…unless that’s the exact costume warn by real Comaches? In which case, scrap The Lone Ranger and just do a biopic on their amazing head wear! We’ll see it thrice!

[Photo: Disney]

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