Man Toppling Out Of A Window Behind Newscaster More Interesting Than Actual News


Look, I’m sorry that a kid got felled on by a heavy metal pole, but which do you think will have audiences riveted to their nightly news: heavy metal poles, or shirtless men falling from the sky for no logical reason whatsoever?

The questions that immediately came to my mind include: did that guy jump out of the window, or was he pushed? Is he picking up his keys from the lawn? Did someone toss his keys out of the window, and if so, why didn’t he just walk around to the door to retrieve them? As he jumped, did he think to himself, “Oh good lord, all those bright lights were a news team and now I, shirtless as I am, will be seen leaping out of this window by the entire planet!” These are queries that a seasoned journalist should be posing, not an attentive viewer! Watch the background, sir!


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