Airport Helper Avatar Lady Seems Pretty Damn Smug About Replacing Us Humans


I already hate going to the airport, and now this condescending avatar is going to tell me about the shuttle bus? I swear to god, if that place didn’t have the only Auntie Anne’s I know about, I would just take the train. Listen to this customer service avatar revealed by New York’s Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye this week: “I never take a break, don’t charge overtime, hardly ever take sick leave, and I don’t need a background check.” Oh wow, so impressive. “I don’t have a complex network of highly-evolved organs. I don’t have squishy meat needs and emotions. I’m just an image projected on a piece of glass.” You know what? I’m just going to make my own almond pretzels if I have to. Do you hear me? I will make my own almond pretzels.

On the other hand, the humans loudly talking over her presentation make me wish Airport Avatar Lady well in replacing us all. Think of how fast the line at security will be when everyone is just a perky digital image!

(Jezebel via Village Voice)

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