How Do We Feel About Matthew McConaughey And Minka Kelly As JFK And Jackie O?


Matthew McConaughey, Mika Kelly Cast As JFK And Jackie O

All right, all right, looks like we’re going to see Matthew McConaughey and Minka Kelly in the White House sooner than we thought! You assumed they would be leaders of the free world at some point too, right? In our opinion that would make more sense than their latest roles, seeing as how Shame director Lee Daniels has cast the Killer Joe actor and Fright Night Lights actress as the famous couple in his sprawling historical drama The Butler. The film, starring Forrest Witaker, follows the life of a White House butler who worked under eight different presidents, including John Cusack as Richard Nixon, a casting choice which seems even crazi…actually, no. That still makes a little more sense than putting Minka in a pill box hat. Or McConaughey in a shirt that isn’t held together with tear-away snaps.

Maybe we’re just biased because the last time we saw these two, McConaughey was stripping down in the Magic Mike trailer and Kelly was, well, getting canceled in Charlie’s Angels. We just have a hard time knowing that the film’s John F. Kennedy once played the bongos shirtless and that Jackie O leveled bad guys with a judo chop…though that would be an amazing take on the Kennedys. On one hand, it’s completely historically inaccurate. On other hand…

Yeah, there are definitely ways we could be persuaded. Abraham Lincoln didn’t really fight vampires, did he? No, he did not.

[Photo: Getty Images/Warner Bros.]

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