Looks Like Rihanna Will Be Gracing The American Idol Finale With Some Brand-New Dreads


Rihanna Wears Dreads In Instagram Pic

How did our list of 50 Rihanna Hairstyles get out of date so fast? We just can’t keep up with her stylists! After sporting bleached blond locks for most of the spring, Rihanna last switched up her hairstyle with a half-shaved head two months ago, a period of time that translates into 5,000 years for regular people hairdos. Not immediately adding Rihanna’s brand new dreads, which the singer posted to Instagram today, is a disservice to everyone as obsessed with her ever-mutating hotness as we are, and for that we apologize. But also? You’re welcome for keeping you abreast of all late-breaking RiRi beauty updates.

“Wake bake shake dem dreads,” RiRi tweeted along with the photo. That doesn’t sound like the best way to get her vocal chords in order to perform at the American Idol finale tonight, but if anyone knows how much sleeping, baking and shaking her larynx can tolerate, it’s RiRi. The “Where Have You Been All My Life?” singer will be singing alongside Aerosmith, Gladys Knight and (you might be able to hear us screaming later) Reba McEntire. Ohhh, obviously RiRi switched up her hair because she wanted a fresh hotness to show Reba. We completely understand. We would have done the exact same thing, given the opportunity.

[Photo: Instagram]

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