The Most Passionate IMDB Review Of “A Kid In King Arthur’s Court” You’ll Ever See


Kid In King Arthurs Court Poster

Our friend @ryeisenberg brought our attention to this extremely random but extremely entertaining IMDB User review of the unforgettable Disney / Thomas Ian Nicholas 1995 film A Kid In King Arthur’s Court.

Take it away, nowhozdisiz (Click For Full Size):

Best IMDB Review Ever

All valid points, especially the part about plugging in your stereo in a middle age castle. You have eloquently stated your case against the 1995 Disney film A Kid In King Arthur’s Court, nowhozdisiz. Also, were you perchance the same person who wrote this passionate Batman & Robin Soundtrack review?

Also, the tagline for the movie was JOUST DO IT, obviously.

(via Never Sarcastic)

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