Kristen Stewart On Beauty: “When People Are Truly Beautiful, It’s All Encompassing”


Beauty is a recurring theme through out Snow White and the Huntsman — both with the Queen’s obsession with her youthful looks and Snow White’s benevolent heart. Not to mention, the cast is really easy on the eyes. (I like my Hemsworth with a side of Hemsworth and a little bit of Hemsworth on top … you know what I mean?) I asked Kristen Stewart about her thoughts on what makes people truly beautiful, and she offered up a thoughtful answer about how genuine beauty shines through one’s physical attributes, regardless of what they are. “I meet people all the time that I think are so gorgeous,” she says. “And then it’s like ‘Oh my God, you’re wearing a costume.’ ”

My personal favorite part of the interview is the adorable hand over heart gesture she does at the end. What would a Kristen Stewart interview be without her busting out a goofy/sincere/precious move like that? Awwww.

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