Paparazzo Sues Justin Bieber For Criminal Battery


Photographer sues Justin Bieber for criminal battery

A paparazzo is suing Justin Bieber for criminal battery. We repeat: a grown man is suing the Biebs for beating him up. We want to say that again, but won’t be able to type because we’ll be laughing too hard. The deal is that this particular photographer was hounding Justin and girlfriend Selena Gomez in Calabasas, which is where the singer lives. The camera guy’s perspective is that he was trying to take their picture when the Biebs went all “The Hulk” on him, resulting in a fight which made the paparazzo call 911. He then complained that the beat down caused him to hurt his upper torso for which he had to go to hospital in an ambulance. Of course he did. Because when the Biebs hits, he hits hard, right?

Onlookers have a totally different perspective, though. The other side of the story is that there was a scuffle, but right after they were done, a lawyer present on the scene went and convinced the paparazzo to file a case so they could both rake in the moolah. The witnesses reckon that the lawyer pretty much told the photographer to straight up call an ambulance and the police because then the situation could turn into a big pile of money. They also reveal that Justin didn’t get aggressive for no reason. Mr. Paparazzo was actually blocking the singer’s car as he and his girlfriend were trying to leave. When Bieber got out and requested him to move, the photographer refused to and that’s how matters escalated. Even though this case sounds like a whole crock of BS to us, the police still have to investigate as a claim of battery has been made by the guy. Hang in there, Justin!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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