Andrew Garfield Is All About The Sexy Stare On The Cover Of GQ


Andrew Garfield GQ UK cover

There are few people who can do the intense stare as well as Andrew Garfield can. Remember this Spider-man photo? Emma Stone didn’t stand a chance! We’re very happy to report that a version of that famous stare is now … staring … straight at us off the cover of GQ UK’s June cover. We’re giggling over the fact that the cover line is “Fly Guy,” but can’t deny the fact that it is the truth. Andrew Garfield is pretty flippin’ fly.

We’re also loving the snippets of the interview that have been revealed so far. The one that made us laugh out loud was when he described what happened during a moment where he was about to Google search himself. Apparently, his dog put his paw on Garfield’s hand, almost as if he was admonishing him. Garfield says, “[It was as if he was saying] ‘No! Don’t do it!’ and I looked at him and said, ‘All right. You’re right.’ And I didn’t.” There’s another quote that also made our ovaries explode so, fair warning.  When asked if Garfield ever wanted kids, he replies, “I’d love to be a dad! I’d love to. But I want to be sure of what my value system is before that happens.” Emma is one lucky, lucky woman.

[Photo via GQ]

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