Justin Bieber Got Pap-Beating Lessons From Mike Tyson … And Other Ways This Story Is Out Of Control


Justin Bieber trained with Mike Tyson last week

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and the random paparazzo who may or may not be healing from a Bieber Beatdown, we apologize on behalf of all media for the relentless coverage of Sunday’s scuffle. It’s just, well, too many celebrities were behaving nicely, or behind closed doors, or just fully clothed, this weekend. We have no choice. And also, we can’t get over the idea of the uber-careful Mr. Swaggy Adult inflicting injury on someone. So, here’s just a little update of the news so far:

  • Yes, there isvideo evidence of Justin Bieber’s considerable boxing skills, as he hits the bag and receives encouragement from Mike Tyson, we assume when Bieber was in Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards on May 20. He must have felt bad about wimping out on that GQ reporter who really wanted to hit him.
  • “Nice hanging out with @justinbieber & @alfredoflores,” Tyson wrote on his Intagram this Sunday (about last week’s visit). Biebs’ handlers must have been thrilled with this timing.
  • According to TMZ, the criminal battery case will be referred to the Los Angeles DA, as most high-profile cases are. If convicted, he’d face up to six months in jail.
  • That kind of sentencing not very likely, though, “not in a zillion years,” legal expert Dana Cole told ABC News this morning. We highly suggest watching the ABC video, btw, as it includes hilarious imagery of actual film canisters and a briefcase full of money.
  • Bieber tweeted that he’s focusing on “important stuff,” rather than, you know, trouble with the law. He jetted off to Oslo yesterday for a series of “secret” shows as he drops his newest single, “Die in Your Arms.”
  • Randomly, the Los Angeles Times decided to remind us that this girl with cancer would probably not approve of Justin hitting people.
  • Also, we were right about Bieber and Selena still being together.

[Photo: Instagram]

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