“Marty McFly” Street Art May Be The Pinnacle Of Human Creation


Here’s the latest amazing painting from the mysterious celebrity-themed street art parodist Hanksy – A portrait of a very literal “Marty McFly”:

Marty McFly Street Art

How has no other artist thought to paint this in the entire millenia-long history of human artistic expression? A semi-significant portion of this time was, admittedly, before Back To The Future existed, but that’s no excuse.

I’m seriously asking. HELLO, MCLITERALFLY??? (Attempts to knock on fly’s head, fly flies away, gets onto tiny hoverboard, hovers over water, hoverboard stops, fly flies away anyway because it’s a fly.) Free Back To The Future 4 script right there, by the way.

(Bowery Boogie via The Daily What)

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