CHART: What Do We Use Airplane Mode For?


In these days of too-many great Sunday night tv shows and two simultaneous sports-league Playoffs, the ‘Airplane Mode’ on my phone basically serves one function, albeit an extremely necessary one.

I’ve compiled the following statistically-accurate chart that I assume doesn’t apply to most people in the world, but prrrrobably applies to most of the other dorks reading this site:

Airplane Mode Chart

Interesting statistical find, no? I mean, why not just name it “Spoiler Avoidey Mode?” or better yet “Only Way To Keep Dan From Checking Twitter 73 Times Before He’s Caught Up To Live On Mad Men?” Because that would confuse too many people who do actually use it on airplanes? Well SPOILER ALERT: F*** them. Ah, sorry, didn’t mean to lash out at you nice business traveler people, I just think you should re-arrange your priorities and DVR more 6-hour blocks of television.

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