Study Of “Old People Smell” Proves Everything You Said Way Too Loudly As A Kid


A new study in which participants were asked to guess people’s age groups based on the scent of their t-shirt demonstrates that the odor the Japanese called “kareishu” and that your mom made you go wait in the car for pointing out at your grandpa’s house is, in fact, a real thing. Science: slowly but surely proving everything everyone already knows!

“This study shows you can’t fake it,” says study co-author Johan Lundstrom, an assistant professor at the Monell Chemical Senses Center and at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute. “If you walk around a corner, you don’t have to look at someone to know they’re older; you can just sniff them out.”

And will! Not only that, but everyone loves old person smell: “Intriguingly, the volunteers scored old people’s odors highest for pleasantness and lowest for intensity.” Intriguing indeed! Just don’t, you know, point it out. Scientifically, there’s really just no need.


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