Taco Bell Makes Mountain Dew And Orange Juice A Thing


To be fair, Taco Bell was clearly already screwing around with the Doritos Taco and with their last seven menu items before that, but keeping with their ongoing tradition of new items that make you say “Hahaha, really?? Of course I’ll take one,” Taco Bells in Southern California have begun offering the new “Mountain Dew A.M.”, a breakfast-time concoction of Mountain Dew and orange juice:

Taco Bell Mountain Dew Orange Juice

My first reaction? What I just absolutely, positively, cannot believe, is that THESE PRODUCTS KEEP ONLY COMING TO CALIFORNIA FIRST. Come on, Taco Bell! Help us out over here! I live in NEW YORK CITY and I had to wait a year to get the Doritos taco, and now I can’t get one of your Mountain Dew AMs? (Also the thing itself is ridiculous but I can super-believe that part.)

Guess I’ll have to move to LA after all, unless I can figure out the recipe on my own. Hmmm…maybe, a hint of coriander?

(via Laughing Squid; pic via Allen Jacoby)

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