Justin Bieber Has A Concussion In Paris, Knocked Out By A Glass Wall


Justin Bieber walks into glass window, paris

As someone who has repeatedly walked into glass doors her whole life, I’d like to commiserate with Justin Bieber. I’d also like to tell people who have laughed at me because of the fact that I’m the person who walks into glass doors — it’s not funny! And it hurts like hell. Okay, it’s a little funny when the results are comical, but sometimes, those glass panes can knock the hell out of you. We have a feeling that the Biebs is now going to become a cautionary tale about that sort of accident. He was hurt pretty badly because the poor guy actually ran into a glass wall while performing at his concert in Paris yesterday.

He explained what happened to TMZ saying, ” … I was performing and I was going offstage. Basically, I’m in Paris and I’m performing in the tallest building in Paris and there’s a glass wall behind me, but there’s a railing behind the glass. And so I went to reach for the railing and I hit my head on the glass. I guess me and glass windows don’t really go together.” He also added, “After that, I went offstage and I immediately felt really weak and I was walking down the stairs and I passed out for 15 seconds.” This happened after Justin actually went back on after getting clocked by the glass, and finished his set, which he said happened because of “adrenaline.” What a trooper! The singer had to see a doctor afterwards, who said he had to take it easy and that he had a concussion. But Justin says he feels okay now, thankfully. The glass window could not be reached for comment.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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