MASHUP: Neutral Milk Hotel + Hip-Hop = Predictably Awesome


Neutral Bling Hotel

8-Bit Radiohead albums, meet “Neutral Bling Hotel” – all the songs from Neutral Milk Hotel’s iconic album In The Aeroplane Over The Sea mashed up with various hip-hop songs. It’s as predictably awesome as it is predictable that someone on the internet would eventually do this. Keep up the good work, boys dot com!

Here’s the first track, “King of Ante Up, Pt. 1″:

In My G4 Over Da Sea by Neutral Bling Hotel

You can download the entire album “In My G4 Over Da Sea” here on a pay-as-you-want basis. Personally, I’m fanning bills onto the album not unlike the lady in the album cover.

(via AV Club)

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