Snow White Huntsman Chris Hemsworth Was Once Just As Afraid Of Charlize Theron As We Are


We have made much of the fact that Snow White and the Huntsman is a bad-ass, girl-powered (but still feminine!) take on the traditional fairytale in the weeks leading up to the movie’s release today. When our own Kate Spencer traipsed off to a castle in the U.K. to interview the stars, she also took a moment to speak to the men in the cast, Sam Claflin and Chris Hemsworth, to see how they felt about taking a backseat to the ladies. That’s when Chris admitted how much Charlize Theron had him shaking in his old-timey Huntsman boots.

“The stuff that Charlize does in this film as the queen, she’s intimidating to meet in person, let alone when she’s there as the evil queen,” he said. “My first day was with her, and I felt pretty rattled trying to stand eye to eye with her. Originally it was supposed to be my first couple of weeks were pretty minimal. But then they called me the day before we started shooting and they were like, ‘Now tomorrow, we’ve changed the schedule and you’re going to be with Charlize in that big scene with the two of you.’ And I hadn’t even met her or rehearsed, and I didn’t even know the scene properly.”

Much to his relief, Theron is more seasoned pro than evil queen, however. “She’s just so good that whatever she’s trying to do to you, your character, you’re feeling it,” Hemsworth said. “You’re sucked into the moment. She’s a hell of a lot of fun.”

Hemsworth seemed to have a lot of fun with Kristen Stewart, too, as evidenced by his retelling of the story of her punching him in a scene — watch it all above. Then check out a video below to revisit all the great conversations Kate had with the SWATH stars.

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