The Two Most Amazing Panels In Spider-Man History


The Spider-Man daily newspaper comic still exists and is new every day (I assumed they’d just been rerunning old panels since 1969), and our friend @natekushner drew our attention to yesterday’s actual Spider-Man newspaper comic, which features the creation of a new terrifying supervillain who’s certain to be a HUGE HIT.

This is the entire comic for the day, and may be the greatest two panels in the history of Marvel:


CLOWN NINE! Because he’s on Cloud Nine when he wears a clown suit! That is both Amazing and Spectacular (to put it in pun-terms that Clown Nine would appreciate).

Aaaand sure enough, here’s today’s pun-tastic follow-up comic. Needless to say, I will be continuing to read the Spider-Man newspaper comic every day until Clown Nine is defeated, or until Clown Nine defeats Spider-Man and takes over the comic and renames it “Clown Ten” because he’s even more on Cloud Nine. Tim Curry movie pending.

(via Van Full Of Werewolves)

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