KStew Making Out With Herself Tops Our List Of 8 Amazingly Awkward MTV Movie Awards Moments


Kristen Stewart makes out with herself

How could you not love watching Kristen Stewart beg Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron and Taylor Lautner to come smooch her onstage while accepting the Best Kiss award … before just making out with herself instead? At the same time, how could you not cringe just a teensy bit? Can something be awkward and amazing simultaneously? Oh right, that pretty much sums up the entire MTV Movie Awards. Duh! KStew getting frisky with herself was only one awesomely squirm-worthy moment during tonight’s awards. Our other favorite rock-ward moments included:

2. Mila Kunis’ mystery heckler: What did that nutball yell at Mila while she was presenting the Dirtbag Award? Whatever it was, it nearly made Mark Wahlberg leap into the crowd to defend her honor. “And here I thought I was going to have to slap Russell,” he snarled at the unseen jerk. Whatever the mystery idiot said … awk-ward!

3. That Jennifer Aniston cut-to during Russell’s marriage crack: “Wait until you hear what I have to say about short-lived celebrity marriages,” Brand joked. Annnnnnnnnd immediate cut to Jen. Go ahead and wince. We know we did!

4. Johnny Depp…losing a tooth onstage?: “I spit out one of my teeth,” the Dark Shadows actor murmured after rocking out with the Black Keys. Joke? Actual dental emergency? It’s hard to decide which is more rock-ward!

5. Russell’s John Travolta jokes: ‪”My legal fees are multiplyin’…”‬ Ouch. The essence of comedic awkwardness.

6. Jim Carrey showing off that “baby” during Emma Stone’s Trailblazer Award intro: “This is what our baby would have looked like,” Jim declares, clutching a hideous, sopping wet baby doll. “Mommy! Mommy! Congratulations on your Trailblazer Award!” A clever nod to his…upsetting fan video for Emma, but why was that baby doll all wet?

7. Andy Samberg’s first kiss story: “I French-kissed my dog’s butthole!” the That’s My Boy actor shouted gleefully. Twice. In Leighton Meester‘s face.

8. Charlize Theron beating up Michael Fassbender: We love both of them, which is why we did not want to see Charlize punch Fassbender to the ground, then pretend to kick him in the ribs. So beautiful, and yet…so awkward.

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