Did Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Fill Robsten’s Cute Couple Vacuum At The MTV Movie Awards?


Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone YOLO Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield onstage

We long ago established that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are ridonkulously cute together. I mean, on their own, we always wanted to be BFFs with each of them, so together, they’re a nuclear fusion of sweet, funny and awesome. That cute was fully on display at last night’s MTV Movie Awards, where Robert Pattinson‘s absence left a big vacancy in the GIF-able couple category. From the moment the Amazing Spider-Man co-stars arrived on the red carpet, they were making us squee. Just take a look at their interview with Kat Graham during the Pre-Show, which began with Andrew hiding behind Emma. When Kat, on duty as MTV’s style correspondent, asked Emma a question about her makeup, she started to answer, and then turned to BF Andrew mid-sentence and said, “You don’t have to be here for this!” “I do!” he protested, and proceeded to look very interested in Emma’s answer. Only boys in the early stages of love can look so absolutely absorbed in such things.

During the show, when they emerged onto a laser-lit Spider-Man-themed stage to present the Breakthrough Performance role, we got another glimpse of their dynamic as a couple — or at least the dynamic scripted for them by the show’s producers. Emma was all hyperbolizing, enthusiasm as she exclaimed how the nominees went “hard in the motherf—ing paint” and had “YOLO” tattooed on their foreheads, while Andrew was the calmer (British) influence. They seemed as much friends as boyfriend and girlfriend. But when Emma got onstage to accept her Trailblazer award later in the evening, Andrew was every bit the proud, supportive partner, making us squee every time the camera turned back to him.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone audience Andrew Garfield watches Emma Stone

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