Meet Garfield, Meow’s Successor To The Hyper Obese Cat Throne


Hope you guys are into cat-related news! If not, you are not going to like BWE today. Or the rest of the internet, ever. Assuming the title of “World’s Fattest Cat People Know About” from the late, great Meow, 40 lb feline Garfield was brought to the North Shore Animal League after his owner passed away, most likely from having all his food consumed by his giant monster pet.

In all seriousness though, shelter employees now have Garfield on a dry cat chow diet in order to counteract his people food diet. Yeah, Garfield  must have eaten ate lasagna all day! Haha, just kidding. He definitely would have died. Plus, who’s getting up every day and making that many lasagnas to feed an shockingly overweight cat? Just seems like kind of a waste if you ask me…


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