Jenny McCarthy Breaks Our Hearts, Says Jim Carrey Hasn’t Visited Her Autistic Son


Jenny McCarthy Says Jim Carrey Hasn't Visited Autistic Son

We’ve been bummed out by Jim Carrey before, but that was just his creepy attempts to get Emma Stone’s attention. This is sadder. A lot sadder. Like Jim-Carrey-allegedly-won’t-go-visit-Jenny McCarthy‘s-autistic-son sad. “I’ve tried to ask [Jim] numerous times [to see Evan], because my son still asks,” the Playboy bunny and Love in the Wild host explained to Howard Stern about her ex. “I tell [Evan] that someday you’ll cross paths, meet again. . . [but] it’s hard. He’s been in therapy. It’s a process, he’s working on it.” According to McCarthy, her son says he misses Carrey “almost weekly” since their 2010 break-up, which, unless you’re made of stone, is the saddest thing you’ve heard all week. Possibly ever.

Of course, it’s harder when Jenny isn’t actually speaking to her ex; McCarthy feels she can’t contact the actor directly, relying on other “channels” instead. “I think that sometimes people need to take a real break from each other,” McCarthy mused. “But I still love him. I think you can love people from a distance and respect him. But as a mother, you just hope when you have a relationship with someone, it has nothing to do with the child when you break up.” If you’ll excuse us, we just need to put our head down on our desks and cry quietly for a few minutes now. We’ll go ahead and put our jackets over our heads to muffle the sobs.

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