Julianne Hough’s Tom Cruise Lap Dance Cut From Rock Of Ages Due To Mom Disgust


Julianne Hough Discusses Rock Of Ages Lap Dance

Moms! Always ruining a perfectly fine celebrity lap dance! “It got cut because apparently mothers didn’t like Sherrie Christian after that,” Julianne Hough laughed on LIVE! with Kelly about the Tom Cruise lap dance her character gives; it was apparently yanked from Rock of Ages for being extremely racy. “It was a little too hot and steamy and sexy. It will be on the director’s cut, though.” If only our moms were in the test audience! They would have based their opinion totally on the merit of said lap dance. They’re like the Robert Ebert of ’80s hair metal lap dances!

Hough also took her lament to Big Morning Buzz Live this morning. “It was a little disappointing for me on my end,” the Footloose actress sighed about her missing “musical lap dance.” If there’s anything that can cheer her up, however, (besides the knowledge that no one can take that Tom Cruise lap dance away from her), it’s discussing the stripper pole that boyfriend Ryan Seacrest retrieved from the movie set…and installed in her home. “I did get the pole from Ryan,” she explained. “He’s very thoughtful.” Jokes Hough, “I was like, ‘This is for me? Then you dance!'” Oh…all of a sudden now we understand how those moms felt. Can we somehow cut that mental image out of our minds? No? It’s there forever? Shoot.

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