Christina Hendricks Is Two Much On The Cover Of The Hollywood Reporter


Christina Hendricks, The Hollywood Reporter cover

We’re always happy when we see Christina Hendricks on the cover of a magazine. More, we say! She is, in our opinion, one of the sexiest women on the planet. You know who else agrees with us? Esquire who named Christina their “best-looking woman in America” in 2010. The Hollywood Reporter is on board as well, putting the lovely actress on their cover this week. We love the fact that they’ve been shining the spotlight on strong, female actors recently. Remember the cover with all the TV actresses last week? This is the perfect time to have Christina — who looks starkly beautiful in a low-cut, long-sleeved black dress — on the face of the magazine as well. Have you been watching Mad Men recently? Without giving anything away, our jaws have been hitting the floor, especially with the last two episodes.

Don’t read the piece if you haven’t watched, because the first paragraph itself has a major spoiler. But, the main body of the article is broader deals with everything about her role as Joan Holloway on the show and her castmate’s opinions about her — as a character and as a woman. “I thought Joan was such a bitch, and I struggled sometimes trying to make her as real as possible because I thought, who would be so mean?” says Christina. John Slattery, who plays Roger Sterling, provides another opinion. “People want to think because of how stunning she is that she’s just this torpedo, but she’s way more complicated than that, ” he says, adding, “My first scene was walking in with Don Draper at the end of a scene in which she’s telling Peggy to, ‘Go home, take a paper bag, tear out two eye holes and put it over your head.’ I didn’t know what I was getting myself into until I saw her. It was that scene that kind of woke me up to the potential for this whole thing.” Now, watch the episodes if you haven’t already so we can discuss more!

[Photo via The Hollywood Reporter]

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