Cosmo Calls Coco “Skanky,” We Counter With Her 40 Most Glamorous Looks


Coco's 40 most glamorous outfits ever

Coco has been very good to us here at VH1 Celebrity. Plus, we feel that her husband Ice-T could totally kick our ass. So when we found out that Cosmopolitan called the lovely Ms. Austin “skanky,” it really rubbed us the wrong way. The magazine featured a picture of Coco walking her dogs in their “Sexy vs. Skanky” column, and they were less than kind in discussing her, errr, minimal attire. “Showing your pups while walking your dogs,” they snarked as they bestowed the skank label.

Coco took to her twitter last night and fired back at the fashion mag’s accusations. “Cosmo is always talkin crap about me,” she wrote. “Paparazzi took pics while I was at dog park! They think I’m skanky cuz I’m wearing a tank top?? So stupid,” Sticks and stones, Coco. Sticks and stones. But she’s not taking it sitting down and neither are we. We’re going to do the right thing and jump to defend Lady Coco’s honor! We’ve painstakingly assembled her 40 most glamorous styles of all time. Take that, Cosmo! It’s red carpet chic, in a way that only Coco can. We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy. Head on down to the gallery below and see for yourself!

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