Death Threats Take America’s Got Talent Soldier Scandal To New Levels Of Awfulness


America's Got Talent Timothy Poe Involved In Scandal

Note to the easily humiliated: you will cringe during this post. As you might have read earlier this week, some particularly fishy information emerged about America’s Got Talent contestant Timothy Poe. For example, the singer apparently did not receive the Purple Heart for grenade injuries sustained while serving in Afghanistan as he had claimed. In fact, the Texas crooner might not have actually sustained significant brain injuries at all. The singer also inexplicably submitted a photo of another soldier for the show to air during his segment, which begs the question: why would anyone in their right mind do that? Did he not know other people can see with their eyes? Sgt. Norman Bone eventually came forward and identified himself as the man in the image, an image which had been publicly available on the U.S. Department of Defense website. We’re already so embarrassed for everyone involved, we could barely type that sentence.

While it’s still unclear whether Poe will get kicked off the NBC competition show for his completely unnecessary fibbing, judge Howie Mandel certainly isn’t pleased. “I was blown away that I was totally taken in,” he told TMZ. “I’m really angry with the guy.” Now the drama has taken an even darker turn as Poe’s family has started receiving death threats from strangers over the singer’s apparently deception. People, come on! We can’t be threatening reality star’s families with death! At the rate TV is going, everyone’s family will be related to a reality star! “It may not have happened exactly like I said it did,” Poe told the New York Post this week about the wartime attack that lead to his trademark stutter. “I really do not remember a lot of things since the accident. I remember a blast going off by my head and being in Afghanistan and telling one of the sergeants. It is like a dream . . . I can’t remember things exactly how it happened.” Jeez, let’s hope he remembers soon. If not, judge Howard Stern is going to have a field day with this next week.

[Photo: NBC]

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