Man Who Murdered Jennifer Hudson’s Relatives Says JHud’s Fame Played A Role In Guilty Verdict


Jennifer Hudson Family Murderer Demands Retrial

After being convicted of murder last month, William Balfour, the man who killed Jennifer Hudson‘s mother, brother and nephew in October 2008, is apparently looking for a retrial. According to Balfour and his attorney, it was Jennifer Hudson‘s fame that was at least partially responsible for his guilty verdict. Uh…huh. “The testimony was irrelevant, and because of the fame of the witness, the prejudicial effect of the testimony on the jury outweighed any probative value that it would have,” Balfour’s assistant public defender Amy Thompson said in a motion she submitted today; Hudson was the first witness to testify against her former brother-in-law in court. That’s how being famous works, right? Juries just convict people based on whether they liked Dreamgirls? Oh no…considering everyone liked Dreamgirls, we now face the complete collapse of the American judicial system!

In JHud’s defense, the prosecution in Balfour’s case reportedly called over 80 witnesses, presented evidence of death threats made by Balfour toward Hudon’s sister Julia and cited “overwhelming circumstantial evidence” against him. Meanwhile, the defense called two witnesses and rested their case after 30 minutes. Is all we’re saying. Either way, we hope justice will be served, but come on…let’s give jurors at least some credit.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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