RPatz Gently Humiliates Himself Trying To Give Adele Career Advice


Robert Pattinson Embarrasses Himself Giving Adele Career Advice

Yes, Robert Pattinson and Adele hang out together and discuss their craft, just like you imagined in your more elaborate albeit kind of boring fantasies. Did your fantasies also include RPatz quietly and firmly putting his food in his mouth while trying to tell Adele how to live? “I had this argument with Adele, which is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever said,” the Cosmopolis star told Canadian talk show host George Stoumboulopoulos. “[I told her] you know, you can really just reach for it!’ And she was like, ‘You do realize I’m, like, the biggest selling female artist ever.’ And for some reason, I decided to get into an argument with her about it.” Why would anyone voluntarily get into a fight with A-Town? The woman can set fire to the rain. Luckily Pattinson had a host of other adorable quotes from his interview that if Adele heard, we’re sure would inspire her to immediately forgive him:

  • About agreeing to take a leading role after Twilight: “I just thought I was totally oversaturated everywhere. I wanted to do little tiny parts. Or maybe no parts at all!”
  • About giving interviews at Cannes: “I was really fighting to not look pretentious for years, then someone gives you one inch, the possibility of being pretentious and I was grabbing it so hard. I was being the biggest douchebag.”
  • About what fame hasn’t changed about him: “I’d be one of those people who would be desperate to go to a party, but then they go to the party and they just stand in the corner with the people they came with, and refuse to acknowledge anyone else is there.”

Oh god, and then he starts giggling. We’re guessing if Pattinson giggled in front of her, Adele got over their debate pretty quick. Hearing that giggle means all is forgiven.

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