The Time I Was Almost Murdered By The Uptown Girl Music Video


People are always coming up to me saying, “Dan, your writing is very annoying, but I’ve always wondered how annoying your voice is?” Well WORRY NO LONGER! (Spoiler: Very!)

I appeared on the very funny Flee The Scene Podcast this week to tell the story of my ill-fated trip to Amsterdam, which may or may not have culminated in me fleeing from terror from the Billy Joel “Uptown Girl” music video (click the pic below to listen/download):

Uptown Girl Video Podcast

Basically, it’s an hour of us d*cking around telling unfortunate stories, but it’s very amusing and you should listen to it, because it’s not like you have anything better to do except go outside and enjoy your weekend as soon as you finish reading this sentence. (But don’t! Listen to the Podcast)

Here’s the iTunes link. Subscribe! It’s funny!

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