White Cat’s Cassel Sharpe: Meet Our Fictional Boyfriend Of The Week


Michael Steger, Tristan Wilds and Blair Redford are our fantasy casting choices for the Curse Worker series
Here’s the #1 reason why I think people of all ages read young adult novels these days: No love feels as dramatic and earth-shattering as your first one. And though I’m pretty relieved to have left that first disastrous romance in my past, through fiction I can recapture that feeling anytime I want to. All summer long, here on VH1 Celebrity, I’m going to introduce you to my favorite new fictional boyfriends — the bad boys, the torn heroes, the sensitive types, the vampires, the demon slayers, what have you — and, naturally, the novels in which they’re waiting to seduce you on a hot, lazy beach day. First up is a boy I’ve been swooning over since last spring.

Who: Cassel Sharpe

From: White Cat, Red Glove and Black Heart, the Curse Workers trilogy by Holly Black

What’s His Story?
Unlike most of the boys I plan on covering here, Cassel is actually the main protagonist of the trilogy. We first meet him when he wakes up from sleepwalking on the roof of his boarding school dorm, and that happens to be one of the safest places we’ll ever see him. In Cassel’s world, a portion of the population has a genetic ability to work magic on others by touching them — these so-called “Curse Workers” can give people luck, erase their memories, make them fall in love, kill them, influence their dreams or, in extremely rare cases, transform them into something else entirely. Many Workers belong to mob-like crime families, like the one led by Cassel’s best friend Lila’s father. Cassel comes from a long line of con artists, and while he can work a con with the best of them, he thinks the Worker gene skipped him. He also thinks he killed Lila three years ago, though he has no memory of how.

Why We Fall In Love With Him:
While Cassel is chronically guilt-ridden and feels like an outsider and a failure most of the time, we get hints that he’s selling himself way short. There are fleeting references to the fact that he’s gorgeous and every girl in school has the hots for him, but he is so hopelessly in love with Lila, they don’t stand a chance. Still, it’s not his looks we fall for. As he solves complex mysteries, manages to double-cross both the Feds and the mob, runs a gambling operation in his school and struggles to extract his brothers and mother from some really sticky situations, we fall hard-core for his brain and his heart. He often thinks he has the soul of a criminal, but we all know better. He merely flaunts the rules when they’re in the way of taking care of those he loves. And what would we give to be one of them!

Where Will This Love Go Next?
The trilogy ended with Black Heart, which came out last month. Now we’re waiting to hear movie news, after the series was optioned last year. We came up with a couple of casting ideas (pictured above) for Cassel, who sometimes refers to the fact that he has a dark complexion and doesn’t know his family’s ethnic background. I like think someone like The Lying Game’s Blair Redford has a great look and can nail that bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold thing. I also wouldn’t hate seeing 90210 stars Tristan Wilds or Michael Steger in the part.

Have you read the Curse Workers trilogy? Share your thoughts and casting choices in the comments! And tweet us @VH1Celebrity with your suggestions for upcoming Fictional Boyfriend entries!

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