Kate Upton “Before She Was Famous” Pic Just As Insanely Gorgeous As She Is Now


Kate Upton Before She Was Famous

Keep in mind that Kate Upton is only 20, so her “Before She Was Famous” photo might as well be an ultrasound. But what a hot ultrasound it is! If you were hoping to see the Sports Illustrated model rocking some major headgear and/or cystic acne, we have some bad news for you; The Gloss dug up a number of glamor shots from Upton’s distant teen modeling days, and they are all as sunny and lovely as Kate is today. They ballpark Kate as being between 15 and 17 in the photos, which is right when most of us were trying to learn how to apply makeup without looking like a deranged clown. Man, this is just like seeing flawless teen Heidi Klum all over again!

Of course, when it comes to models, they’re pretty much all beautiful since birth. That’s how you know they’re destined to wear clothes (or not wear) clothes for a living! It was inevitable that High School Kate would officially join our gallery of “before they were famous” model pics, but…any chance anyone has photos from her middle school years? If she ever had an ugly duckling phase, it would be then…and we need to see it immediately!

[Photo: The Gloss/Getty Images]

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