Rock Of Ages Fashion Flashback: Malin Akerman’s Got “Legs”


Whether or not you’re old enough to have lived through the ’80s hair-band era, you have definitely been subjected to nostalgia for the days of man perms, animal-print spandex and awesome rawk music — especially this week, with the release of Rock of Ages. Suddenly, the styles we once ridiculed (and used for more than one Halloween costume) are back in our closets and on our screens. That’s what prompted VH1 to ask a few of the stars of the movie whether they were tempted to steal their retro costumes and wear them in real, 21st century life. Malin Akerman was quick to admit as much.

There’s a dress that I’m wearing that’s like a black dress with tassles that is incredible,” said Akerman, who plays magazine writer Constance Sack. “I think it was actually from All Saints or something like that. And I was so tempted to bring that one home and go, ‘Oops, I lost it!’ ”

The actress hopes the flick will inspire viewers to embrace their metal fan too. “I want them to go home and put on their leather pants again, and put on their rock songs and have a blast!
Malin Akerman and Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages

If, instead of leather pants, you want to take some fashion inspiration from Constance, who goes from buttoned-up magazine girl to full-on rocker chick, here are a few things that comprise her look.

Malin Akerman in Rock of Ages

Her transformation reminds us of the classic story of the girl who took off her glasses, got a key to ZZ Top’s car and a full makeover from a trio of models.

She acquires that tough-girl look that would make Madonna’s titular character in Desperately Seeking Susan proud.

Rosanna Arquette and Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan

But her dress and animal print jacket are uncannily similar to Jamie Lee Curtis’ getup in A Fish Called Wanda, which makes us think she’s holding onto a scrap of dignity.

A Fish Called Wanda

We couldn’t find the exact dress Malin wears on the All Saints website, but there is this equally awesome ’80s-inspired fringe dress that we might just be buying right now.

All Saints dress

[Photos: Warner Bros., Orion/MGM/UA, MGM, All Saints]

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