10 Stupid Videos That Will Never Ever Stop Being Funny


Nu Thang Kid

Five years of watching internet videos has certainly taken its toll on my sense of humor, patience, hygiene, and general human decency, but as much as we make fun of this internet-shaped garbage heap that people call “the internet,” there are some internet videos that we just never, ever get tired of. In honor of BWE.tv’s final week here are ten quintessentially ‘internetty’ videos that we will never stop laughing at:

10. The Best Cry Ever

Waaaaaittttt for itttttt…

9. Kid Singing Nu Thang

The Newest Testament:

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8. Jurassic Park Melodica Cover

Spielberg, you’ve done it again:

7. Baby Laughs At Dog Popping Bubbles

Maybe the internettest video ever made, but an automatic smile:

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6. Kelsey Grammer Falls

If this were anyone other than Kelsey Grammer, it’d be your standard B+ internet-fall, but oh good lord, what a classic:

And of course, the inevitable Sideshow Bob Remix and the Frasier remix.

6a. Spanish Singer Falls

Speaking of falls, Michelle once watched this video for 48 straight hours:

5. Super Mario Bros. As A First-Person Shooter

One of the most impressive animations and dead-on parodies ever made:

4. Mr. T Treat Your Mother Right

T’eeds no introduction:

3. Kid Singing “Law And Order” Theme

This child’s existence pre-guarantees that I will be disappointed in my eventual son:

2. Star Trek: The Next Generation Remixes

Amazing, absurd re-cuts that make the internet worth living. Watch them all and have a nice week:

1. Demon Possessed Singing Trout

Not sure what it says about my lofty goals as a writer, artist, or discerning pop culture consumer, but this damn video makes me laugh every single time:

Other internet videos you’ll never stop laughing at? Leave ‘em in the comments!

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