The Jersey Shore Cast Takes A Few Scooters For A Spin, Pops The Sickest Of Wheelies


Snooki, Pauly D Ride Scooters On Jersey Shore

If we could devote all our time and energy to a site specifically dedicated to sick wheelies, boy would we! Is even available? (Note: good lord, it is! Quick, someone make our dreams come true!). Clearly the Jersey Shore cast is on the same page as we are, given how much pleasure Pauly D, Snooki and JWoww got out of the electric scooters they had while filming today. Can totally unnecessary Rascals and Jazzy carts become a thing, please? Walking isĀ so over, as far as we’re concerned. Live in the now, people! Scooters are the new legs!

We’re assuming the scooters came into play after JWoww was injured in a bar brawl this weekend. At first we though pregnant Snooki must need a cart too, then we realized that doesn’t actually make sense. Does it? Snooki’s probably spending most of her time flopped on a beanbag chair anyway. We just hope that when we’re massively pregnant, we’ll get the opportunity to rip wheelies down the streets of Seaside. No, you’re right. Why just hope for something amazing…when we can start saving up for our very own pregnancy scooter today? You’re so smart, The Internet.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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