If Channing Tatum’s Butt Is What It Takes To Get You To The Movies, This Magic Mike Trailer Is For You


Were you so dead-set against seeing Magic Mike that it took seeing Channing Tatum‘s naked butt to convince you otherwise? Who are you? How could anyone be so steadfast in their resolve? Unfortunately for your iron-clad determination not to enjoy this stripper flick, the movie’s latest red-band teaser trailer isn’t much of a tease at all; instead, it’s an extremely effective butt-shoot delivery system. Channing Tatum‘s butt! Alex Pettyfer‘s butt! Matthew McConaughey‘s butt! So many butts, so few pants! The quantity of butts in this trailer makes the Channing Tatum stage-humping in the last Magic Mike trailer look….well, still awesome, but certainly not as great as these butts! And you better believe we screencapped it all…under the jump (Note: NSFW, unless you work at some kind of Channing Tatum butt factory. If you do, please let us know when they’re hiring):

Channing Tatum Butt In Magic Mike Redband Trailer

We made this exact same face at the exact same time as this actress. It’s like we were there! If only we had been there!

Alex Pettyfer Butt In Magic Mike Redband Trailer

Remember, this movie doesn’t only feature Channing Tatum’s butt! It features Alex Pettyfer’s butt, too! Oh, also? Channing Tatum’s butt.

Matthew McConaughey Butt In Magic Mike Redband Trailer

This is exactly how we imagined seeing Matthew McConaughey’s butt, which happened more frequently than you would have guessed.

Channing Tatum Butt In Magic Mike Redband Trailer

We honestly didn’t notice it was daylight outside in this scene until we took this screencap of Channing Tatum’s butt. Aaaaaand either did you.

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