Lady Gaga’s Perfume Ingredients Are What You Expected, But Where Are The “Blood And Semen”?


Lady Gaga Reveals Perfume

Lady Gaga has unveiled the contents of her new perfume Fame on Twitter, declaring “Here’s what it smells like!” Said ingredients are…almost exactly what you’d expect. The list of the Gaga-esque ingredients include:

  • Tears of belladonna
  • Crushed heart of tiger orchidea
  • Black veil of incense
  • Pulverize apricot
  • The combinative essences of saffron and honey drops
  • Spooky bugs

Just kidding about that last one! Ain’t no bugs in that fancy jug! “Looks like photos of my perfume are being leaked. Oh you fashion editors I could just crinkle my hands at you!,” Gaga tweeted before revealing the fragrance herself, chiding the overeager fans who unleashed the first glimpses of her scent. Our hands are getting crinkly too, Gaga. Why? As you might remember, when announcing her upcoming fragrance way, way, way back in January 2011, Gaga promised that the scene would “smell of blood and semen.” No, we’re not kidding: that is what she said. How could we make that up? We’re not all fabulous goth diva geniuses. Meanwhile, we have a hard time believing those saffron and honey drops are going to produce the sensual smell of a hospital hazardous waste bin like we’ve been anticipating. At least the packaging refers to it “Black Fluid.” That’s almost creepy enough. We guess.

[Photo: Getty Images/Twitter]

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