You Should Probably Be Sitting Down When We Tell You How Much The Jersey Shore Cast Makes


Jersey Shore Salaries

We’ve hyperventilated before about the massive amount of cash the Jersey Shore cast earns for eating pickles and falling out of their platforms, so we’ll spare you our hysterics. Just know that we are literally eating ramen while we writing the words: “several Jersey Shore cast members earn $2.55 million dollars a season.” According to RadarOnline, that is. Interested to know the alleged breakdown of each cast member’s salary? Do you screen your phone calls because Sallie Mae is after you about your unpaid student loans? The answer to both of these queries, we’re assuming, is yes:

  • Snooki, The Situation and Pauly D: As denoted by the fact they all have nicknames, this trifecta are the top Jersey dogs, reportedly pull in $150,000 per episode, not counting the $400,000 signing bonus they allegedly raked in at the beginning of the show’s most recent season, a $200,000 end-of-season bonus and any additional reunion episodes. With 12 episodes a season….carry the one and…yup, we were fools to go to grad school. A Master’s in Fine Arts?!?! What were we thinking?
  • JWoww & Vinny: Jennie pulls in $100,000 an ep, while Vinny gets $90,000. If you calculated out their hour wage, you’d realize they basically earn $10,000 every time they fall asleep in a tanning bed.
  • Ronnie & Sammi: The pair allegedly earn $80,000 an episode each, which should just about cover all the emotional anguish and property damage they did to each other in season three. Think of all the new pairs of glasses you can buy, Sammi! So, so many!
  • Deena: While viewers across the globe might sincerely like the boobs, as of now the newest JS cast member is only making $40,000 an episode. According to a RadarOnline source, however, “With all the drama that Deena has been bringing to the show, including kissing a girl and even getting arrested, her salary is definitely going up thanks to that.” Oh man, but how will she up the ante on that? Girl is going to be hurling trashcans through the front window of the t-shirt shop before you know it. Or just hurling.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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