Bill Hader’s Panic Attack Story Reminds Us Tom Cruise Is Actually Pretty Awesome


Bill Hader Praises Tom Cruise

We’ll admit it: we still remember Tom Cruise‘s Oprah meltdown from time to time, not to mention the, um, bizarre anti-psychiatry rant he delivered to Matt Lauer on Today in 2005. Those are two things you don’t forget easily. That being said, it’s been 7 years since Cruise lost his mind on that couch; if Ghost Protocol and the upcoming Rock of Ages hadn’t won us over already, Bill Hader‘s epically sweet TomKat story would have.

According to an anecdote Hader told at this week’s Friars Foundation Gala honoring Cruise, the Valkyrie actor talked him out of a “full-on panic attack” on the set of Tropic Thunder, brought on by news of a would-be car bombing in New York, where the SNL actor’s wife and infant daughter lived at the time. “He comes over and he’s like, ‘Are you okay, man?'” Bill recalled. After Tom learned that Hader wasn’t scheduled to go home for two days, “He thinks for a second. ‘No,’ he says. ‘We’ll get you home tonight.’ And in that moment, Tom Cruise, as Les Grossman, in a karate gi, began to direct all my coverage. All my footage, all my close-ups. Boom! We do three perfect takes. Boom, boom, boom. Everyone’s chest-butting each other, some people are chest-butting themselves, people are going insane.” Hader explained. “And he got it done in 45 minutes.” Wow, there are times that somewhat upsetting intensity really pays off!

As if that wasn’t enough, Katie Holmes then showed up on set with plane tickets for that next morning. “‘You’re on the red eye tonight,'” Holmes explained. “‘I’m like, ‘What?!'” Concluded the Men In Black III actor, “So that’s what it’s like to work with Tom Cruise.” Awwww! We love this! We love it so much, Tom, we’re going to let Oprah and Knight and Day slide. We still need some time to work through the Lauer stuff, but keep it up and we can definitely get move past it.

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